"Pure Barre" fitness class

Philadelphia - August 19, 2010

Jill Zirinsky, 34, of Rittenhouse says she mostly gets her exercise running, but she's hoping "Pure Barre" can help tone her muscles more.

"Then hopefully losing inches in essence losing weight but ultimately toning I would say," she said.

Her friend, Michelle Sullivan, just had a baby and is also looking to tone, but she's not sure "Pure Barre" is the answer.

"I'm skeptical," she said, adding, "I like to sweat and I feel like this type of workout, you don't sweat as much."

It is a combination of ballet, pilates and yoga. Light weights are included in the workout.

Instructor and owner of the Philadelphia studio Noelle Zane says it targets the areas women struggle with arms, abs, thighs, hips and buttocks.

"So we work each muscle group to fatigue and then we stretch it out to create that long lean dancer-like physique," Zane said, adding, "So we squeeze everything in and we lift it up."

The class is also low-impact so there's no jumping or pounding on the joints.

As for Michelle's question of whether it's enough, Noelle says "Pure Barre" will get your heart pumping. She calls it the fastest way to get results.

"In ten classes, we say people can see results, so three to four times a week, in three to four weeks should notice a transformation in their bodies," Zane said.

Michelle and Jill have committed to ten classes. I took their measurements before the first one. We'll check back in with them. For now, both agree their first class was a great workout.

Jill said, "It was tougher than I thought."

Michelle is confident she'll not only be sore but also see results.

Classes last 55-minutes. It costs $23 per class. The studio (located in Center City) is also holding a special $100 for a month of unlimited classes. For more information, visit www.purebarre.com

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