People rescued from rip currents at the shore

SEA ISLE CITY - September 1, 2010 RELATED: Click here for the Hurricane Tracker

It was about 3:30 p.m. Wednesday in Sea Isle City in the water off 45th Street when lifeguards had to clear out other bathers and go after the three people who found themselves suddenly pulled out in the rip current.

"I didn't realize it. We were just sitting out in the water. I guess it started taking us out somewhat," said one of those rescued, Jeff Miller of Nashville, Tennessee.

"They're usually not aware. We're kind of used to looking for it, know what to look for. We saw it the guards responded and everything ended well," said Lt. Mike McCormick of the Sea Isle Beach Patrol.

Meanwhile, a 10-year-old had to be pulled out of a rip current near the 3rd Street Beach in North Wildwood.

Those rip currents were being kicked up by the approaching Hurricane Earl.

That means, even though the Jersey shore will likely be spared a direct hit from the storm, beach-goers should still be very careful.

"If you're a non-swimmer, then you better be in knee-deep because these are not surf conditions to be out here as a non-swimmer," said Chief Tom Mullineaux of the Ocean City Beach Patrol.

As those rip currents increase, lifeguards are trying to keep swimmers waist-high in the water and parents are on alert.

"If have to hold them because this little one right here will just go right out," said Janice Monaghan of Spring City, N.J. "She loves it, but it makes us a little nervous!"

Some people at the shore say things have been so nice that it's hard to believe a hurricane is coming.

"We've been here all week and it's very hard to believe," said Ryan Monaghan of Spring City, N.J. "We've seen it before and we're kind of looking forward to it!"

Officials expect the rip currents, and the waves, to increase dramatically as Earl gets closer.

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