Extravagant gifts ideas offered by Neiman Marcus

DALLAS, TEXAS - October 6, 2010

Those already seeking holiday gifts for people who have everything need look no farther: Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus suggests a $15,000 edible gingerbread playhouse or a $125,000 private party organized by celebrity event planner Colin Cowie.

The chain's annual Christmas Book, known for expensive and often outrageous gifts, launched Tuesday at Neiman's downtown Dallas store.

Neiman Marcus is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its "his and hers" gifts with a $250,000 houseboat for two.

Over the decades, the series has included everything from airplanes to camels, and die-hard fans might like a $248,000 bracelet of charms representing "his and hers" past.

For those with smaller budgets, about half the offerings cost under $250, as they did last year.

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