Waitress uses victim's credit info to buy tires

LEWES, Del. - October 23, 2010

A 51-year-old Bear, Delaware man told police that someone had used his credit card information to purchase tires in Lewes, Delaware.

Upon further investigation, police discovered the victim and his wife were at a Dewey Beach restaurant on October 8, 2010, when their server Elizabeth F. Brickley, 32, of Lewes obtained their credit card information.

It wasn't until the victims studied their bank statement that they noticed an unauthorized purchase and notified police.

The victim saw that $469 had been charged to their credit card for the purchase of a set of tires and oil change.

The victims were able to provide Troopers with information which assisted in the identification of a suspect.

The victims recalled their waitress, Brickley, ran their credit card information twice which sparked their suspicion.

Troopers ascertained the waitress information from the restaurant and additionally interviewed a representative at the Lewes area tire center.

Delaware State Police from the information obtained were able to create arrest warrants for Brickley.

Brickley was arrested Friday for identity theft, forgery, unlawful use of a credit card, and criminal impersonation.

Brickley was later released on $5,000 unsecured bond.

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