Girl gang violence at Phila. school caught on tape

January 6, 2011 5:37:46 AM PST
A YouTube video shows the latest incident of girl gang violence in school corridors in Philadelphia.

The assault on an Edison High School student by two others took place Tuesday in the school hallways.

No security is seen as the victim struggled to her feet and fled with the attackers hot on her heels, bent on battering her more with fists and kicks.

Some students claim this kind of violence is all too normal at Edison.

"I wouldn't exaggerate, there are a lot of fights here. It's not like this is a bad school, but there are a lot of bad kids in here, it's fights every day," 9th grader Briana Sullivan said. "I was just about to be in a fight today."

A veteran police officer who patrols the Edison High area in the morning and at dismissal says this school is, quote, "off the hook" and there are a number of fights each week. The officer went on to say "girls are the worst," and problems include an all-girl gang called "The Tinkerbells."

When Action News told the school district about a video posted on the internet of the incident, they came back with a written statement hours later claiming school officials responded immediately and the students involved were suspended and will face disciplinary action that could include "referral to a transition school and/or expulsion."

"Every day it's fights, it's not a bad school, it's just the kids in the school that makes the school bad," 9th grader Charnae Burroughs said.

The offending students, the district says, have been arrested.

Ophelia Rivera says her daughter was attacked by more than a dozen students last winter.

"I'm coming to pick up my daughter right now because they don't do nothing," said Rivera.

Brutal violence is no stranger to Edison High and many other city schools, as well. Another YouTube video shows a savage attack on a sidewalk in front the school last fall.

School district officials say violence in Edison is down 10% from last year.