Potholes are everywhere! How to report them...

February 7, 2011 3:05:26 PM PST
If you've spent any amount of time driving on area roads, chances are you've hit a pothole.

Unfortunately, pothole season has started earlier this year. Typically problems don't begin until March, but this year has been unusual with round after round of wintry weather.

To help combat the problem, the Philadelphia Streets Department and the Departments of Transportation for Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware are urging people to report problems as soon as possible.

Callers are asked to be as specific as possible when reporting pothole locations.

PennDOT says, for state routes, callers must report the county, municipality, street name, or preferably the state route (SR) number found on small, black-and-white signs posted along state roadways.

Callers should also offer a description of any familiar landmarks that will help PennDOT find the problem area.

To report potholes on local roads, motorists should contact the municipality in which the pothole is located.

In Philadelphia, the Streets Department says it is currently running its "pothole patcher" to address the large number of potholes that have appeared in the wake of the January storms. Pothole patchers require just one operator and can fill as many as 60 potholes in day.

The Streets Dept. also reminds you that there are a number of different kinds of road defects. Besides potholes, there are also road cave-ins and ditches. Visit the Streets Department's website for examples of each.

Here is information to report potholes to your local transportation department.


  • Call 1-800-FIX-ROAD (1-800-349-7623)
New Jersey: Delaware: