College students give up Facebook for a month

February 7, 2011 3:04:23 PM PST
While many college students may consider Facebook a necessity, one group of students is cutting ties to the site for a whole month.

At Holy Family University in Northeast Philadelphia a total of 26 students signed on for the "Facebook Challenge." The challenge required students to give up Facebook for 30 days - no signing in, no status updates, no "like" buttons to click, no photos to tag.

"I can honestly say I was an addict of Facebook. I would be on there 3 to 4 hours a day," said sophomore Jonathan Dick.

The school even set up a weekly support group to celebrate their Facebook sobriety.

"You can compare it to a rehab program, a 12 step program," said Diana Piperata, Director of Counseling and Disability Services.

Andrea Mantilla organized the challenge, saying she has been Facebook detoxing for four months now. She says by signing off she's had more free time, gets more homework done and does a lot more real social networking.

"I feel like i can talk to my real friends now, the people who actually care. Its not my "Facebook friends," she said.

Not everyone was up for the challenge.

"Every day I wanted to update my Facebook status saying 'I got through one day!" said junior Katie Blumenstock.

Blumenstock only made it one week before her urge to update got the best of her.

"I said 'Hello Facebook, I'm back!'' she said. "I gave it a shot."

Others say they are so addicted, so attached, they compare giving up Facebook to giving up food!

"I dont think that would be able to happen," said freshman Romeo Julmiste.

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