John Wheeler's widow speaks on death, investigation

February 21, 2011 3:22:37 PM PST
The widow of the late Pentagon consultant John Wheeler has made some very provocative claims in the wake of his murder and the discovery of his body on the final day of last year.

John Wheeler's widow, Katherine Klyce, says she thinks he was killed by a professional hit man and she is blasting the Newark Police Department for its handling of the investigation.

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Newark police have surveillance video of the former White House and Pentagon aide taken in the hours before he died.

But, they still don't know who killed John Wheeler or why.

Katherine Klyce, is quoted by the online magazine "Slate" as saying, "They just don't have a clue. I think they wish it would all just go away."

Klyce says after Wheeler's body was found in a landfill, "the cops just made our lives miserable."

She and Wheeler's children were interviewed by the police, and she says "They treated us like criminals, all of us. They were rude."

Klyce says the police confiscated Wheeler's computer and their credit cards.

She says since then, someone has used one of her credit cards to buy two airline tickets to Spain for $3,000.

As for Wheeler's erratic behavior, Klyce acknowledges that he was bipolar and had no sense of direction.

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In one video, Wheeler was seen stumbling through a Wilmington parking garage with one shoe in his hand, looking for his car. It was in another garage blocks away.

Klyce says, "He was disoriented every day of his life. He was probably most definitely lost."

Klyce says she believes her husband was killed by a professional hit man.

She says, "The way they disposed of his body, it's a miracle anybody ever found it. That just sounds like a pro to me."

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Action News spoke with Katherine Klyce by phone and she says she stands by her statements about the investigation.

Newark police administrators have the holiday off and have not been available for comment.