Postal worker hit by bus in Philadelphia

April 16, 2011 4:47:40 AM PDT
It was a very close call for a postal worker who became trapped underneath a SEPTA bus Friday.

It happened at the intersection of 48th and Woodcrest in the Wynnefield section of Philadelphia just after 5:00pm.

56 year old Postal worker, Michelle Leaf, was crossing the intersection while delivering the mail when she was struck by the bus.

"She was crossing the street, I guess, and a bus came and hit her," said Zahira Wilson. "Then we heard her screaming."

Another witness, Sherry Jones says she was walking her granddaughter when saw the accident.

"And the bus was turning the corner and she flagged like this because she was in front of the bus, so she flagged her hand and the bus hit her and dragged her," Jones said. "And then I started screaming real loud because I knew he hit her."

Jones says she doesn't understand how the bus driver didn't see the postal worker.

"He had to see her because she was waving," said Jones. "He must have been, he wasn't paying attention."

Leaf was rushed to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania with fractured ribs and facial lacerations.

Meanwhile, her co-workers from the West Park Post Office were distraught.

"Michelle, she's a hard working young lady, real responsible and she's a hard worker," said Spencer Robertson.

"Michelle was a very good worker, hard working friend of mine, and I just want to keep her and her family in prayer," said Arlene Arrington.

Michelle Leaf is listed in stable condition at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Police Accident Investigation Division and SEPTA are investigating.