Cleanup continues after weekend floods

April 18, 2011 2:45:17 PM PDT
All day long on Monday, residents of the Willow Woods Mobile Home Park have been dealing with the aftermath of the weekend flooding that took them by surprise.

"I was scared because, I seen outside, and I didn't know how I was going to get out and everything," said Bill Macauley. He said he woke up early Sunday morning to find water inside his home. Now, he's dealing with a soaked carpet and warped floorboard.

"I heard the gurgling sound, the water coming up through the vents, and then it started rising," he said.

Several dozen residents of Willow Woods spent the day airing out cars, some of which may never run again, and recalling how quickly water from the rain-soaked Woodbury Creek rose.

"It was only water, a little rain, and then I was awakened by a neighbor. Everything was flooded, even her car, and it was over my knees,' said Dena Capone.

"They should have warned people," said Ronald Morris. "Very scary."

The Action Cam was there on Sunday morning as one man used a kayak to get around as the water rose. Several families were even evacuated by firefighters using boats.

Even large pumps in the flood-prone areas couldn't handle the load.

Those who've lived in the area for a while say it has been about seven years since they've seen this kind of flooding.

"We were here when that other time happened. They built a dike up so it wouldn't happen, but they didn't finish it, so it came up like a river," said Debbie Campbell-Wilcox.

The Gloucester County Office of Emergency Management is asking victims to call the office at (856) 307-7100 and give their names so that they will be submitted as a group to the state. That list will be used to apply for FEMA disaster relief.

In the meantime, the victims are getting assistance from the Red Cross.