Dogs attack flock of sheep in Doylestown

April 27, 2011 3:41:02 PM PDT
A judge may have to decide if a pair of dogs should be euthanized, that in the wake of an attack against a flock of sheep Sunday night that also caused chaos on a neighboring farm.

It wasn't until Monday morning that the owners of Meadow Echo Farm in Doylestown knew that all of their sheep spent the entire night being chased and mauled by two neighborhood dogs.

"There were a couple that were pretty bad, probably two or three, that had really deep wounds into the muscles in their necks," Karen Kohl, one of the owners of the farm, said.

A silver-colored antibiotic spray now covers the stitches applied by veterinarians on the sheep, but photos taken soon after the attack show how severe the injuries were.

Two of the sheep may not survive.

The dogs are described as Siberian Husky-mixes. They came from a home located a few blocks away.

Action News tried speaking to John Bazzano, the dogs' owner, but he had no comment for our cameras.

Soon though, he will have to speak with the authorities.

"We will be filing charges for the dogs running at large, and not being under the control of the owner, but more significantly, we will be filing the charge to have both dogs be determined to be dangerous dogs," Doylestown Township Police Department Chief Stephen White said.

If the dogs are deemed dangerous by a district court judge, it will be the court's decision whether to put them to sleep.

Bazzano told investigators he knew his dogs were on the farm overnight, but never called police, leaving the sheep to be viciously attacked for up to 10 hours Sunday night.

"Had he helped catch them that night, or called for help to catch them, it would have been a different story," Kohl said.

The owner of the dogs already told the Kohl family, he is willing to pay the veterinarian fees, but those fees are going to get very expensive over the next few weeks.

When asked if she was going to take any legal action, Karen Kohl's response was "not yet."