Beyonce inspires local students to move

May 3, 2011 3:28:48 PM PDT
Grammy-award winning entertainer Beyonce is partnering with First Lady Michelle Obama in an effort to fight childhood obesity and some local schools are getting involved.

This is "Let's Move Week" around the nation and 39 schools in Pennsylvania have joined forces with both women to help promote the benefits of exercise.

4th through 8th grade girls at Spring Garden Elementary School joined more than 600 middle schools across the country for the "Let's Move Flash Workout" at exactly 1:42 this afternoon.

16 time Grammy Award winner, Beyonce, helped promote the event as students performed a pre-choreographed dance routine to her song "Move Your Body."

"Exercise is important for your health and your body," 6th grader Naja Boyce said.

Schools all over the US were asked to respond to the President's Council online if they wanted to participate in the "Let's Move" initiative.

"We know there's a direct link between health and academic achievement and so what we're doing is we're encouraging schools to make better choices and incorporate much more movement during the day," Philadelphia School District Director of Health and Physical Education Bettyann Creighton said.

School officials say this generation is shifting toward leading healthier lifestyles.

"The deeper impact is the children are understanding the importance of being active," Spring Garden Elementary Principal Laureal Robinson said.

Teachers at the school were excited about the flash workout after so much negative news about teens getting together for the wrong reasons.

"This year in particular we've heard so much about the flash mobs," physical education teacher Laurie Kristianak said.

After hearing about this campaign, Kristianak said, "what a great idea, a flash workout, I'm going to sign my kids up."

The Let's Move Flash Workout is produced in partnership with the National School Board's Association and the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation.

The epidemic of childhood obesity in the nation is a serious matter and the hope is many more school will join the effort to tackle it.