Watch out cyber bullies: Here comes Justin Bieber

FILE - In this April 19, 2011 file photo, pop star Justin Bieber gives a press conference in Singapore. Teen pop singer Justin Bieber has agreed to record a public service announcement on cyberbullying in order to resolve misdemeanor charges filed against one of his managers and a record executive after a frenzy at a Long Island mall. (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E, File)

May 9, 2011 6:04:51 AM PDT
Often when a celebrity agrees to do a public service announcement, it's to get themselves out of some legal mess they have managed to get into.

But in this case, Justin Bieber is doing a PSA to fight cyberbullying in order to get his manager and an executive of his record label off the hook.

This is all as a result of a 2009 incident in Long Island, New York. Thousands of girls showed up at a clothing store to see Bieber sign autographs. Police weren't expecting such a turnout - and ordered the event canceled.

A Def Jam Records officials was arrested after police say he refused to help disperse the crowd. Authorities later pressed charges against Bieber's manager, even though he wasn't even at the mall.

But now that Bieber is doing the PSA, prosecutors say they are dropping the charges against both men.