Use your Smartphone to get savings

May 16, 2011 9:14:56 PM PDT
It used to be that saving took planning, whether you were clipping coupons before going shopping, buying Daily Deals to use another day, or sending away for samples or freebies.

These days, if you have a Smartphone, you can have money-saving deals at your fingertips in an instant.

"SocialPass is almost like an EZ Pass for your social life," explains Brian Nagele of SocialPass. "You can go around to different places like restaurants, bars, and retailers and check in and unlock deals with your phone."

The app uses the GPS function on your iPhone to find deals close to you.

"We have places, like in Old City we have Red Zone Sports bar, they'll give you a free draft beer when you check in. (You'll get) 20% off your bill at places like Ladder 15 or maybe it's a Buy One, Get One Free appetizer." Nagele explains.

And unlike coupons, which you have to print out and have with you, Socialpass is there all the time. Plus, you can use deals again and again.

"It's on the go," Nagele says. "So you don't have to think about it in advance. You might be in Old City or Rittenhouse. Just walk around, see what's there."

Once you unlock a deal, you can let your friends know about it via Facebook or Twitter.

Right now, SocialPass is only available for iPhone, but Android and Blackberry versions are in the works.

To download SocialPass for free from the iTunes store, click here.

You may have seen the message in magazines, on packages, or even in TV commercials telling you to text a keyword to 467467.

Turns out, texting words to 467467 can save you money and get you freebies. That's because it's the number for ShopText.

"Shoptext is a simple way to request a coupon or a sweepstakes or get a sample with just a text message when your'e reading a magazine ad, standing in a store or watching TV," explains ShopText Founder and CEO Steve Roberts.

Unlike coupons you have to clip, or websites that you need a computer to access, ShopText allows you to request offers using your cell phone -- something many people have with them all the time.

"You don't have to download anything on your phone, you don't have to pre-register for the text," Roberts explains. "If you know how to text, you know how to Shoptext."

Here's how it works. When you see a ShopText offer you want, you simply text the keyword on the offer to 467467. If it's a sample, a return text will ask for your address and the sample will arrive in the mail. If it's a coupon, you'll provide your email and a high-value, printable coupon will be sent to your email inbox.

ShopText also allows you to enter Sweepstakes, like the Phillies season tickets giveaway that Tastykake offered through ShopText last year.

And it allows you request only the offers you want.

So, guys don't have to get offers for makeup. And people without kids won't get offers for diapers.

"If you get something, it will probably be of value to you," Roberts says. "And the great thing is, all the messages say 'opt out.' So if ever you receive a message and it's not something you're interested in, or you want to stop receiving it, you can just opt out."

For more information on ShopText, click here.

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