Great deals for the home at Phantastic Phinds

June 15, 2011 9:10:41 PM PDT
You really don't know what you'll find at Phantastic Phinds consignment store in Erdenheim, Pa.

A wooden rocking chair for $85. A 40-piece set of Johnson Brothers china for $65. A wooden farm table with drop-down sides for $150. Even a wooden clothing armoire that's currently selling in stores for $300, priced at $99.

Angela Sipe opened Phantastic Phinds about a year-and-a-half ago, but she's been selling furniture for much longer than that.

Sipe explains, "I started the idea about seven years ago, in my garage.We wanted to recycle items back into the community that had use, but people no longer had the use for them. So we started with local people, family and friends, and we would take their furniture, it was strictly furniture, and we'd sell it for fair prices back to the community."

Now, Sipe accepts household items and antiques in addition to furniture. But she keeps her prices low, so that items sell quickly and the inventory is constantly changing.

Even antiques are priced to move. She has seen items she sold show up in antique stores in nearby Chestnut Hill at much higher prices.

The store has loyal customers who stop in often to check out the ever-changing inventory. Gail Landow, who consigned several items during our visit, went shoppin when she spotted some Lady Vases, priced at $11, to add to her collection at home.

"In antique shops, you can see $40, $60, $80 dollars, depending on the rarity of them," she says of the prices on similar items. "This is a wonderful price, so I bought two."

Phantastic Phinds has all their inventory on their website, which is updated hourly. Click here to what's in stock right now.