Website helps you save on road trips

July 4, 2011 5:19:48 AM PDT
Before you hit the road for the holiday weekend, you might want to figure out just how much your trip is going to cost. And now there's a website that not only can help you do that, but also help you save money along the way.

Jim Kovarik drove up from Washington, D.C., for our interview here at 6abc.

"It cost me $24.95, but that doesn't include tolls, which were another $11 one-way," Kovarik says.

Kovarik isn't guessing the cost of his trip. He knows how much the drive cost because he used

"Cost2Drive makes it really easy to calculate the cost of driving anywhere in the US based on real-time gas prices along the route," he explains.

Here's how it works. You enter your starting point, your destination and the make and model of your car. The site then does the calcuations. But it doesn't stop there.

"It also helps minimize the cost of your trip, because it identifies the cheapest gas refueling points along the way," he says.

And if your trip is more than 200 miles long, it'll compare the cost of driving to the cost of flying to your destination.

"We go off of Kayak and we find the most recent fare for that route destination and we pull the cheapest fare back. So it's usually current within 2-3 days," Kovarik says.

According to the site, if I were to drive my family down to Disneyworld, it would cost me $153.71. And the best places for me to fill up along the way are here in Montgomery County, Pa., then in Robeson, North Carolina, and finally in Seminole, Florida. The least expensive flight would go out of Newark and cost $205.

Jim says the average Cost2Drive user can save up to $20 per trip on gas, money that can be used toward dining or accomodations on your trip.

In the future, Cost2Drive is going to add features including a toll calculator and a way to map multiple routes and destinations. To check out the site, click here.