No croc! Lehigh Valley gator gets his close up

Action News caught up with the wayward alligator at the Emmaus home of local conservationist Gary Lee on May 31, 2011.

May 31, 2011 3:40:06 PM PDT
Action News caught up with a wayward alligator at the Emmaus home of local conservationist Gary Lee.

Gary says the 3 and a half foot gator is a little beat up and missing some teeth, but, "other than that, he's nice and fat and I'm sure he'll eat for me."

The gator was captured yesterday after people visiting Illick's Mill Park in Bethlehem reported seeing some kind of big lizard in Monocacy Creek.

It took three attempts with a snare over the course of an hour before Bethlehem Patrolman Eric Yeakel finally made the winning grab.

Bethlehem police are becoming pros at catching alligators.

They captured another, about the same size as this one, back in March after neighbors reported seeing it run down the 1400 block of Schoenersville Road. Authorities believe both are either escaped or released pets.

By the way, a local ordinance forbids Bethlehem residents from owning alligators.

But Gary Lee says if you see one, don't panic.

Just call 911 for assistance.

"These guys are more afraid of us than we are of them, believe it or not," Lee said.

The 3.5-foot alligator's stay in the Lehigh Valley will not last much longer.

From here he'll be taken to the World of Reptiles Education Center in Saylorsburg in the Poconos where he'll hopefully have a happy, prosperous life.