Tempers rise for Jenkintown tenants with no air conditioning

June 8, 2011 12:46:57 PM PDT
Both temperatures and tempers are rising for tenants in one Montgomery County apartment complex.

"They said the air was going to come on June 1st and I've been calling over and over again," tenant George Parker said.

"It's hot, it's humid, it's sticky, it's really uncomfortable to be home," tenant Sherri So said.

Tenants from The Colonade at 100 Old York Road in Jenkintown are frustrated ove the chronic air conditioning troubles.

Most opened their windows and plugged in their fans to get relief.

One tenant, Dana Razon, had enough and was on her way to her parents'.

"I am going to drive now twenty minutes; I've had to do it numerous times since the heat has been off. I've called the office every day. They would say, '45 minutes, it'll be on. An hour. Two hours,'" Razon said.

Long timers tell Action News this is the most recent episode of A/C problems that date back years.

While the problems are many, the fixes have been elusive.

"[They say,] 'There's a part, it has to come from Boston. There's a special oil, there's a special this, there's a special that. This part broke after we fixed that part,'" tenant Carla Linderman said.

Some have bought stand alone A/C units to make hot summer nights more bearable.

If this all seems familiar, you might be thinking of King of Prussia. This same management group from Boston was beset with A/C troubles several years ago at the sprawling Marquis Apartments there.

As for The Colonade, the firm put out a statement that said in part: "We are working around the clock to fix the problem in the handful of remaining units...We anticipate the system to be fully functional tomorrow."