Mrs. Fixit: Painting Clouds

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July 23, 2011 4:23:21 AM PDT
If you're considering painting a faux cloud treatment on your ceiling or walls and you're going to hire someone to do it, wait up a minute because you can save yourself tons of money I'll show you how easy it is to do!!

Start the treatment with a solid blue base. Depending on the color of "sky" you want under your cloulds you can mix the blue with whites and blacks to get just the shade you want. Let the base coat dry completely.

To make your clouds you'll need a sea sponge and cloth.

For inspiration, check out a book or take a picture of the sky outside to use as a reference. To make the clouds I like to use white, black and yellow paint. Just think about the hues that you see in clouds in nature.

Cip the sponge in water and then into the paint. Sponge it on in clusters swirling the sponge a little as you go to make the clouds look puffy, layered and natural.

Use your damp cloth to dab paint off as you work to reveal the blues underneath. Repeat the process for additional clouds until you're happy with the final product!

A beautiful faux cloud treatment in no time at all! I'm Mrs. fixit and it's just that simple!