Philadelphia Police: Is this stolen stuff yours?

July 14, 2011 8:48:36 AM PDT
Philadelphia Police will let the public come in to claim a treasure of stolen goods later today.

Philadelphia Police at Southwest Detectives have a large array of items on display, and most of them are believed to be stolen.

Investigators are hoping their rightful owners can identify and retrieve the items as police work to put together a criminal case against a local store, M&N Fashion and Jewelry located at 45 South Chestnut Street, that they believe was running an illegal pawn operation.

There is a wide array of electronics, according to Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker.

"Laptops, flat screens, GPS devices, iPods, iPhones, Blackberrys, gaming systems," said Walker. "A little bit of everything."

Detectives also recovered all kinds of cameras, including about 200 memory cards that are holding storing photos -- and memories -- for many, many victims.

"People may want those special moments back to them," said Walker, "So it's an opportunity to get their stuff."

Police discovered the goods at this a clothing store at 52nd and Chestnut streets while investigating a case involving a stolen laptop. Investigators say they not only discovered that stolen laptop inside the store, but all the other items as well.

"We believe the target areas were West Philadelphia, Southwest Philadelphia, South Philadelphia, Upper Darby," Walker told Action News. "Anyone burglarized within the last year, their items might be right here."

Police need the victims of burglaries, car break- ins and other thefts to identify their belongings so they can build a case against the store owner and, they hope, shut the place down.

If you think some of the stolen items might be yours, you can come to the Southwest Detectives between 4pm-8pm on Thurdsay, July 14, 2011. If you have a police report or receipts or some other proof of ownership, it will help expedite the process, according to officers.