Furniture replaced by Call for Action

July 20, 2011 2:48:31 PM PDT
Furniture can be a big investment so you expect your purchase to last a while. Imagine how frustrated one consumer was when the sofa set she bought fell apart not just once, but twice!

Donna Newman bought a new sofa set for about $1,400 and says the staples came out of the leg rests. While the company gave her a new set, her furniture problems didn't end there.

"The second set - replacement set - was different material," said Newman of Honeybrook, Pa., "and all the padding disintegrated in the back part behind where you sit."

"Got a third set and the seaming, after six weeks, just pulled apart," Newman added.

She says this time the store wasn't as willing to replace it. That's when Donna decided she needed the help of our Call For Action volunteers

"They called and contacted the owner, and the owner had me come out and I picked out this set."

If you have a consumer problem, alert the Call For Action volunteers, Mon-Fri from 11am-1pm 1-866-978-4232.