Meet the future of police cars

CENTER CITY - August 8, 2011

This partner in the fight against crime takes verbal commands from the officer in the patrol car to allow the officer to focus directly on the mission.

When the officer gives the pursuit command, the computer system developed by Motorola Solutions acknowledges and automatically turns on the lights sirens and a series of state of the art cameras around the car to record the event.

"Because we know that officers are in situations sometimes where they can't be reaching for buttons, they need to be able to use their voice," Senior Product Planner of Motorola Solutions Eron Usow said.

The computer sends a real time video feed to the officer's supervisor so he or she can monitor the situation. But even more, the dispatcher can send the live video feed to other patrol units responding to the pursuit.

"They can send the same video so other cars can be looking at what that officer is seeing, so they can see the situation even before they get there," Usow said.

If that's not impressive enough, the computer, through its "real time intelligence video system," can link up with surveillance cameras set up by police across the city to monitor criminal activity.

As an officer is riding along his tour, the computer, through a series of cameras, can quietly scan license plates of parked cars to see if the car is being sought for some reason.

It can check as many as 8,000 to 10,000 in an 8-hour tour.

If the officer stops a suspect and wants to verify his identity, the officer has the MC75 Portable handheld computer with a fingerprint alpha sensor.

"Where an individual suspect can have their fingerprint scanned and the officer can get identification about the person and look for any prior arrests or any criminal history," Usow said.

Personnel from Motorola Solutions rode along with police officers all around the world for five years to figure out what the needs are.

Now you might think this car is a prototype of a police car available maybe 5 to 10 years down the road.

But actually, all the technology is available today, which means, the future is now.

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