Mutilated kittens found at Pa. cat colony

COATESVILLE, Pa. - September 29, 2011

"We're dealing with a sick individual and we want to find out the perpetrator or perpetrators that did this," Richard Britton of the Chester County SPCA

In all, six dead cats have been dumped at the Robin Road home of Richard and Nancy Simes.

Their home is normally a safe haven for cats.

They have four of their own and dozens of strays they're hoping to find permanent homes for.

"I'm socializing them and somebody is coming around and killing them and it's not a humane type of killing either when you find them in pieces," Nancy Simes said.

The Simes have turned over pictures of the dead cats to an SPCA enforcement officer.

Nancy buried the cats under a tree in her backyard.

The first mutilated cat showed up three weeks ago. The most recent appeared yesterday.

"I can't imagine anyone doing that; that's just unthinkable," Richard Simes said.

The stray cats have the run of the house and they roam through the neighborhood.

The Simes say only one neighbor has ever complained about them.

They say the cats are clean and well taken care of and haven't bothered anyone. They want whoever's doing it arrested.

"I hope something happens to him because where will he go from here? He's hurting these innocent kittens and cats that aren't doing anything," Nancy said.

The SPCA says this is serious business. Whoever has been mutilating and killing the cats faces a fine of at least $1,000 for each cat and considerable jail time.

The SPCA will be contacting the police to help question people who've complained about the cats.

The Chester County SPCA says cats, dogs, rabbits, and other companion animals are covered under "cruelty laws" that are enforced by the Chester County SPCA.

Anyone with knowledge about this case can call the CCSPCA Humane Investigations Department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 610-692-6113 x213

Tipsters can remain anonymous.

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