Facebook page offers bargains and friendships

EXTON, Pa. - Nov. 30, 2011

Joy Crozier started the Facebook page "For Sale, Free or Trade in Chester County" because she was was tired of paying commissions on consignment sales and she found the anonymity of Craigslist a little "creepy."

"It's very basic, normal every day items," Crozier says. "Clothing, things from your home. And it amazes me the things that sell, things that i would think wouldn't, someone else in Chester County is looking for."

People who "Like" the page can buy or sell just about anything, even services. Crozier traded marketing services to the makeup artist who did her makeup done for our shoot.

Cathy Zambuto bought a cute bank for her son for Christmas at a fraction of the retail cost. And has been selling unused items from her storage room, and putting the money to good use.

She explains, "What we've mainly been doing is using the money to pay for my daughter's pre-school." It was an expense her family wasn't sure they could afford, but now can.

Fallon Tunney says finding the page has been like a Christmas miracle for her daughters and nephews.

She says, "I've scraped a lot in the past to have a good Christmas. This year, my whole house is going to be filled with toys. I'm so excited."

Crozier suggests people meet in a public place, like The Bistro, or a mall parking lot, to exchange their goods. And it turns out, all those meetings have created a real sense of community.

Crozier says, "True friendships have been made, and playdates for kids. Guys have become friends. It's really neat."

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