Recycled clothes with a new look

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - December 2, 2011

When other women began stopping her and asking where she bought the skirt, she realized there was a market.

Today, part of her home is dedicated to her Sardine Clothing Company, in which everything sold is "repurposed".

Old cashmere sweaters might become gloves or other winter wear. But the bulk of what she makes and sells remains skirts cut from old t-shirts.

She buys a lot of the shirts from thrift stores, but neighbors often drop off batches of no-longer-wanted items.

She carefully washes each and selects only fabric that's in good condition. Then she cuts pieces, usually from a few different shirts, and assembles one-of-a-kind garments. Skirts typically retail for about $50.00.

Customers may make an appointment and visit her "studio', but most seek out her products at a retail store, find her at a craft show, or visit her constantly-updated Facebook page. Anything you buy online can be in your hands within a week.

Petrus-Gilbert does take special orders, but most customers buy from her existing inventory. She says most prefer logos from popular music stars, sororities, or sports teams. Shirts with smaller logos tend to work best. Her website includes a list of retailers carrying her product line.

It's at Sardine Clothing, but she says you're more likely to find the most current selection if you find her on Facebook.

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