6at4 Business Report: Google plans tablet launch, more

Adult phone businesses at home
There are hundreds of adult phone lines in operation in the U.S. Most of them used to be run out of call centers. But now it's turning into a job people can do from home. In a tough economy, a growing number of moms are now putting on the phone headsets for the job. The advantages, they say, are many: The ability to work from home; Flexible hours that they can work around their kids' schedules; The added household income of tens of thousands of dollars a year. In the last 18 months alone, the number of mothers of young children pursuing adult phone line work has jumped 400%.

Manco & Manco
One of the Jersey Shore's oldest and best-known pizzerias is changing its name The sign still says Mack & Manco's on the Ocean City boardwalk, but it will soon be changed to say "Manco & Manco." The pizza shop has been in business for the past 50 years. The families of founders Vincent Manco and Tony Mackrone actually went their separate ways years ago. But kept the name the same, until now. The owners are promising customers only the name is changing, not the pizza recipe.

Saab filing for bankruptcy
Cars.comsays says if you own a Saab and you try to get rid of it, expect to take a hit because it's now a dead brand. This won't affect you if you plan to drive yours forever, but if you get in a car accident, your insurance company will likely present you with a much smaller settlement because saab is liquidating and not restructuring. There's also concern that there will be a shortage of replacement parts down the road.

Google tablet coming
Get ready iPad and Kindle Fire, a Google tablet may be coming our way. Engadget says Google's executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, told an Italian newspaper that the company plans to "market a tablet of the highest quality in the next six months." No further comments have been made on specific details of Google's plans, or how the new tablet might differ from the current offering of Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab or Motorola Xoom.

Amazon top gifts
Sso do you want a sneak peak at what is under that Christmas tree? amazon .com's crunched its numbers and the most popular gifts so far this holiday season are the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson, its new Kindle Fire and the "Just Dance" video game.

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