Pay 6 forward:Renae in Burlington Co., New Jersey

February 15, 2012 2:12:36 PM PST
I visited Burlington County NJ and held up my sign "I'm giving away 600 dollars ask me how". At first, people seemed to walk right by

Sharon Stone wanted to talk with me, but she didn't want the money.

"I think what you're doing is wonderful because it inspires other people to pay it forward," Sharon Storm of Palmyra, Pa. told us. "I've seen the results of that from people in our community so I wanted to say 'Thank You.'"

As always, there are rules:
*You can't keep it yourself
*You can't be a relative or someone you live with
*The money needs to be a friend or a neighbor or someone from a church group who is going through a particularly hard time.
*They have to be available RIGHT THEN for the surprise!

After those thoughtful words, we were determined to help just the right person. Then Lisa Rau nominated her neighbor.

"Her husband's working and trying to take care of the kids while she's in and out of the hospital and it's been a tough time for them."

Renae Flyod's husband is trying to make ends meet working at Home Depot. The neighbors have pitched in to help with the kids.

"But you don't have the means to help with money. Wish we could take up a collection or something, or maybe Channel 6 could give them $600 in cash.That would be the best thing in the world, that would be awesome."

So we took off to Renae's apartment. It was heart breaking to watch her young son wheel her out.

"You're going to get $600 from Action News thanks to your friend Lisa."

Renae told us her problems started, when she got the flu. One infection lead to another and she's since had 6 surgeries, 7 blood transfusions and had part of her foot amputated.

"I have a wound-care nurse that comes out 3 times a week and I have to give myself IVs and I have a physical therapist coming out so it's just a mess."

We "Paid 6 Forward" to Lisa and she finally got the chance to help her neighbor. Renae was simply overcome by emotion.

Renae says she'll use the money for groceries and to try to pay down some of the bills. She just kept saying she was blessed.