Clothing flash sale site for men

February 17, 2012 5:23:39 AM PST
Sites like HauteLook and RueLaLa have been bringing women discount deals on designer clothes for a while. But now, it seems, men are getting into the clothing flash-sale scene. And it looks like a perfect fit.

Jason Ross, founder of, spoke with me via Skpe from Columbus, Ohio, about his quickly growing men's flash sale site.

"Every day at noon, we've got five to seven new branded sample sales that go live on our website," he explains. "The product is available for 48-72 hours and it's 100% authentic merchandise. We work only directly with suppliers to ensure that. All the product is priced at 40-80% off retail, so there's a significant value proposition for the consumer."

Ross describes most of the clothes on the site as contemporary streetwear, with an emphasis on skate and surf styles. There are also lots of shoes,

And while guys generally aren't known as shoppers, Ross says guys find the daily deals attractive. First, because of the savings. And second, because the site has narrowed down the choices for them.

He explains, "We're a business that has this trusted rapport with our audience and anything that we're putting in front of them, we've sorted through the thousands of men's fashion brands and narrowed it down to the really good ones. Those are the brands that we're putting in front of our audience and they kind of trust us to do that."

And finally, because quantities are limited, the sales appeal to the guys' sense of competition.

Ross says, "There's a sense of urgency in our experience because the sales only last for 48-72 hours and you know that, for one, if you don't get there early enough, chances are your size is going to be sold out. You also have to make a purchasing decision pretty quick because within two days, that sale isn't going to be available any longer."

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