Mrs. Fixit: Refurbishing clocks

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April 8, 2012 4:50:11 AM PDT
I wanted a standing clock for the bookshelves in my kitchen and couldn't believe the price; I picked one up at the flea market for $3.

Here's what a little paint and embellishment can do.

Clean up the clock and remove any extraneous hardware so you're left with just the base clock.

Prime the clock so it will take whatever finish you decide on.

If you're comfortable with your painting skills, freehand paint it. I used acrylic paints on my clock in two different colors and then sanded off some areas to give it a time worn look and some great personality!

I then decided to decoupoage the clock with some of my favorite tissue paper. Paint a section with some white glue and lay your tissue paper in place. Then paint over the tissue with some more glue.

Work your way around the clock carefully placing and gluing in small sections as you go.

Once it's finished, you can embellish certain areas with paint to give it a great custom look.

I also added some cabinet pulls as added embellishment.

Try it for yourself.