Countdown to Shore Season

May 18, 2012 2:08:33 PM PDT
The unofficial start to summer is almost here - just 1 week from Memorial Day. Some people are already enjoying a taste of the shore.

"Oh I can't wait!" exclaimed Walter Ent of Media, Pa. "It's so exciting. It's great to be down the shore again."

How eager are people for summer to arrive? Well, Walter Ent was in bare feet as he walked to the beach today and Emily Smith, in a bikini, walked her dog.

"It's very nice out," Smith told Action News. "Just came down, I actually got down last night. I can't wait for summer."

With the summer blast off just a week away, preparations are moving full steam ahead. The Ocean City Beach Patrol is getting its boats and lifeguard stands ready for the crush of sun worshippers who will want to hit the shore.

Construction workers are sprucing up the attractions at Wonderland Pier and the big new 9th Street bridge is completed. That'll cut back on traffic headaches. Ocean City, N.J. Mayor Jay Gillian says that by Memorial Day, Ocean City will be ready and waiting for tourist.

"I'll tell you it's been exhausting. But we had a great winter, a mild winter as you know. So we got a lot done, so we're just excited."

So is everyone else at the prospect of another year of sun, sea, and sand.

"We've been waiting all winter for summer to come, That's Why we're here early in the cold. It's the best time of the year," says Rachel Franzini of Franklinville, N.J. "You can do all kinds of things you can't do in the winter."