New diet study results

June 26, 2012 4:05:37 PM PDT
The results of a new diet study are out.

The results of a new diet study are out.

It comes from researchers at Harvard University.

But they don't look at the best way to lose weight - they look at best way to keep weight off.

And the results go against the notion that all calories are created equal.

Here's the deal:

It compared a low-carb diet, like the Aktin's diet, with a low-glycemic index diet. With this one, the goal is to keep your blood sugar level stable. It's like a low-carb diet but you can have whole grains, fruits and vegetables, just no white bread or processed foods.

And finally the third diet was the low-fat diet, which is recommended by the American Heart Association.

Here's what they found.

The low-carb diet worked well but it was found to increase the markers for inflammation.

The low-fat diet didn't seem to burn as many calories.

The low-glycemic index diet was found to be a good calorie-burner without causing negative effects. And so this was the winner. This is the one the researchers are recommending.

Critics point out that the study only involved 21 people. However, many experts are impressed with the study and its controls and they say it can help a lot people get healthy.

LOW FAT DIET (Recommended by the American Heart Association)


A low-glycemic index diet attempts to keep blood sugar levels stable (not as strict as a low-carbohydrate diet) by eliminating processed carbohydrates and promoting protein, fat, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.