Police question two people in limo driver killing

FELTONVILLE - July 17, 2012

Those who knew the victim, 52-year-old Sebastian Nunez, say he was a hard working husband and father.

The native of the Dominican Republic had worked at Condor Car and Limousine Service for five years before he was shot and killed on the job late Monday night in Feltonville.

"My condolences to his family, and hopefully someone will fess up to what they did because that's a horrible way to lose your life," said neighbor Paul Frison.

Police arrived to the 4900 block of Bingham Street just before 11:15 p.m. for a report of a car accident, but soon discovered that Nunez had been shot while he sat in the driver's seat.

A statement from Condor says he had picked up passengers around 9th and Huntingdon just minutes before. That passenger was described by police as "legitimate," and was dropped off.

It was after that drop-off that Nunez was shot. Witnesses told police that they saw three people run from the car.

Police are now questioning a suspect and a working to find more.

The circumstances of the shooting remain under investigation.

Nunez's silver Towncar hit several parked vehicles before finally coming to a stop. On Tuesday morning, some neighbors were out assessing damage and making repairs, many condemning this violence.

"How can you expect to go to work, feed your family, and one day you're shot. It's just rough," said Tyrone Barnes.

This is the second Condor driver that was murdered within the last two years. Back in 2010 Juan Reyes lost his life and, in a terrible coincidence, co-workers say Reyes was shot in the exact same town car as Nunez.

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