New Paterno biography in stores Tuesday

PHILADELPHIA - August 21, 2012

The book is called "Paterno", and is written by a former writer for Sports Illustrated magazine.

As folks walked by Barnes and Noble in Rittenhouse Square, they weighed in on the man, the book, and if it makes their reading list.

"I think he's a legacy at Penn State, and I absolutely would support reading the book," said Jennifer Shentob.

"The book doesn't hold any interest. I know plenty about Joe Paterno before, and I know plenty about him after," said Josh Frank.

Posnanski profiled Paterno back in 2009. This biography was years in the making, though of course it took an unexpected turn when the Sandusky scandal broke.

The book maintains Paterno never knew of the abuse, but only had a vague idea of inappropriate behavior in a Penn State shower.

"He had his dark moments, certainly, when he wondered how old friends could turn so suddenly on him and how people at Penn State, the school he had loved and championed for most of his life, could believe such terrible things about him," Joe Posnanski writes.

"I think it's a tragic, tragic story," said Kristen Rantanen. "He made a terrible mistake not following up in not reporting follow up on what he clearly knew, and unfortunately and very sadly, it's tarnished his legacy."

"Obviously Sandusky I have a very negative opinion of, and I think that comes off toward Joe Paterno as well," said Jake Bauer.

In order to write this book, the author writes he conducted hundreds of interviews. He also had access to the Paterno family, as well as Joe's personal letters and files.

The books spans Paterno's life and career and also explores his relationship with Sandusky.

Posnanski writes, "The two despised each other from the start".

Of writing this biography, the author explains that the only thing Paterno ever asked of him was to "write the truth", and that is what he says he tried to do.

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