Saving with 6abc: Halloween!

October 15, 2012

1. Save on Halloween Handouts : When it comes to candy, try club stores to get a better deal on fun sized candy pieces. A Costco or Sams Club often offers more for your money than what you might find at the supermarket, drug store or even dollar stores. Also, some online retailers, like oriental trading company, are now offering lesser known brands for much less.

2. Swap Instead of Splurge: Consider a costume swap! Get together with friends or people from your kids' school or activity center. You bring costumes you want to swap and you leave with items your kids can wear this year! There are also national swap sites to find events happening in your area. One is

3. Farm Fresh Decorations! When it comes to decorating or pumpkin carving time, head to local farms where experts says you can save $5 -$10 per gourd, a big savings from supermarkets.

4. Right now a website called CouponSnapshot is aggregating great Halloween deals with coupon codes from retailers like Kmart, Walmart, Kohls and Toys r Us.

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