El Fuego, offbeat comedy for the holidays

May 15, 2013 7:53:29 AM PDT
Looking for a holiday show but want something a little different than the classic fare?

It's called El Fuego?.and in this offbeat holiday musical, a fire devastates the North Pole and the elves go on strike to protest unsafe working conditions. But in the end, it is a heartwarming comedy about the true meaning of the holidays.

Produced by BCKSEET Productions, it is the story of an elf named Scab who's desperate to save Christmas with her workers on the picket line and unemployment at an all time high.

Kate Brennan, Writer & Composer of ELFuego/Artistic director, BCKSEET Productions says, "So he does the most efficient thing she can think of. She kidnaps four unsuspecting, unemployed humans and she makes them do her work for her."

While the show is geared towards adults, it's sure to entertain the whole family with lots of dancing, singing and 12 original songs.

Brandon McShaffery, Director, ELFuego added, "For people that enjoy musical theatre, there's a lot of winks and nods to very popular musicals in the music and in the choreography and that's where I'm having the most fun, laughs."

Writer and composer Kate Brennan calls it a dark but feel good comedy that will make you think.

"I think it's a re-examining of how we celebrate the holiday season, season and what it's really supposed to be all about," said Brennan.

"I think this play really speaks to the humanity that is Christmas and spirit and where the core of it was and where we wish it would go back so we don't have to spend so much money," added McSaffery.

EL Fuego is showing at the Adrienne Theatre through December 29th. For tickets, go to BCKSEET's website.

The troupe will donate 1-dollar from each ticket sale to the Philadelphia Unemployment Project.