Man behind Phila. airport hoax blames love

Kenneth Smith

January 14, 2013 1:40:38 PM PST
The man who caused a terror alert at Philadelphia International airport is telling his side of the story.

On September 6th, 26-year-old Kenneth Smith called the airport with a bomb threat, implicating his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend.

That boyfriend, Christopher Shell, was on a plane headed to Texas for his birthday.

The plane was forced to turn around and Shell was taken into custody.

But, as investigators soon learned, it was all a hoax.

Smith's reason for the prank? He tells ABC's Dan Harris it was all about his love for a girl.

Investigators earlier said Shell called in the hoax because he allegedly wanted to "avenge" his girlfriend, Shell's ex, because Shell had allegedly posted a compromising picture of her on Facebook.

"You know, love makes you do some crazy things," Smith said.

Smith faces the possibility of a year in federal prison and a $1 million fine.