Belly app and card reward frequent shoppers

(Saving with 6abc - Amy Buckman)

January 28, 2013 4:59:38 AM PST
After ten manicures or pedicures at The Laquer Lounge in South Philadelphia, you can upgrade to a Luxe service for free.

After ten ice creams at The Lite Choice at Head House Square, you can get a free cone.

And you can get both deals with one frequent shopper card, or even with no card at all -- thanks to a new app called "Belly Card."

Matthew Alario of Belly explains, "It's taking a little bit of tightening that wallet and getting rid of the ten to twenty loyalty punch cards that you have and giving you one streamlined application."

Belly is new to Philadelphia. So far, 100 businesses -- like The Laquer Lounge -- are using it. The app helps you find participating businesses and each business sets its own rewards.

Alario explains, "There's also a search feature which will pull by GPS or by map, and will search and show all the local businesses in their area that will offer the Belly card platform."

The business owners say Belly users return again and again.

Lisa McElhone, owner of The Lacquer Lounge, says. "all the cusomers are really excited about it, so are we 44506 they love it and every time they come in they actually scan their card faster than they do pick out a color or tell me what service they want to have."

Ryan Larkin, owner of The Lite Choice, adds, "For the customer as well, you don't have to carry around mulitple punch cards -- so it's just the one card for as many stores as there are in the city. And a lot of people are using them on their smartphone as well."

To learn more about The Belly Card app and to download it to your Smartphone, click here.

To learn more about The Lacquer Lounge, click here.

The Lite Choice is located at 135 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147.