NJ churches give back to remember Dr. King

January 22, 2013 7:22:00 AM PST
A chorus from area churches raised its voice in song on Monday at Samaritan Baptist Church's 14th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast in Trenton.

That's where church members and the community come together with the less fortunate to remember Dr. King's legacy.

"He always was the symbol of unconditional love. He gave the best of himself to everyone," said community activity Darren Green.

"We represent the people that he died for, so I thought this would be the perfect time to reach out to the homeless, the displaced," said Pastor Joseph Ravenell.

There were inspirational words for the hundreds who attended, plenty of free food and clothes too.

Wanda Cloyd walked away with something to keep her warm.

"I picked up a nice coat, I can use it. It's hard to buy real nice things these days, you know?" said Cloyd.

Over on E. Hanover Street, a group of volunteers honored Dr. King through service, continuing the effort to turn a once abandoned lot with six foot high weeds into what's called the Gandhi Garden.

"There are all different kinds of people coming together - Hispanics, blacks, whites. I think he would like it," said Lexi Argueta of Burlington Township.

"Bringing to light Dr. King's dream of getting him involved with the community, instead of just talking about things, actually doing something," said project manager Will Condry.

"We all relate to Martin Luther King and what he did, what he inspired to us," said Elmer Sandoval of the Guatemalan Civic Association.

So in song, and in service, Dr. King is remembered for his struggle and his sacrifice and how he changed this country.