Mansfield Twp. wants 2,400 vehicles gone

February 6, 2013 5:47:19 PM PST
Mansfield Township officials have told a company that's been storing 2,400 cars, trucks, and even some boats damaged in Superstorm Sandy to - get them out of here!

Right now, they're filling up a 38 acre lot just off interstate 295 waiting to be appraised and resold.

"It's not zoned for it and it looks like a junkyard and this is sort of one of the gateways into our community and people have to pass it and it's not right," Mansfield Township Mayor Arthur Puglia said.

A trailer manufacturer called Vanco is leasing the lot to a Texas company that auctions off salvaged cars.

The vehicles started piling up back in November and at one point there were 3,500 cars stored at this location.

"It would have been a nice courtesy if they had contacted us and said 'hey, we're doing this as part of the relief effort, what can we do to work with the town,' but we got nothing," Mansfield Zoning Officer Robin Bucchi said.

After Mansfield issued a cease and desist order last month, Vanco asked for a temporary variance to allow the lot to be used for outdoor storage, but the zoning board responded with a unanimous no.

A lot of locals are glad about that.

"It looks like a big junkyard with all those cars," resident Gail Kidd said.

"It looks terrible and it looks if they don't do something now they'll be there forever. It'll just be another place where they dump cars," resident Kathleen Kelly said.

"It ain't bothering me, but it's bothering other people. It is an eyesore when you come off 295," resident Bill Kidd said.

Efforts to contact Vanco and its attorneys were unsuccessful.

They've been given 30 days to clear the lot or they could face fines of $500 a day.