Officer shot in the face released from hospital

February 9, 2013 8:06:49 PM PST
With the roar of bagpipes, his family by his side and fellow officers marching behind, Wilmington Police Officer Justin Wilkers seemed to be in awe of this moment of support.

Action News had the only camera outside Christiana Hospital as the department saluted the 34-year-old officer who was shot in face last week.

"He was just very touched, he was very touched and like I said he's been in and out," said Shirley Shea, mother.

Officer Wilkers' was wounded when a man shot him during a traffic stop on Peach Street Sunday.

Wilkers underwent one surgery but he still has a bullet lodged in the lower part of his skull.

He has a wired jaw, swelling in his head and temporary nerve damage that has paralyzed part of his face but that hasn't stopped him from asking the doctors when can he get back to work.

"Everyone, all the doctors, they have just said Justin is a miracle," said Shea.

Police arrested three men in connection with the shooting including suspected triggerman 21-year-old Frederick Gray, who has been charged with attempted murder.

"He needs to be prosecuted to the fullest level of the law and I hope that it happens. I hope that there is no plea bargaining, we need to go after him," said Rick Shea, stepfather.

Meanwhile this husband and father of two is on the mend, thankful for the support of the community and his department which gave him a well deserved escort home.

"For that to be done for my son, I don't think my son really understands the magnitude of what has just happened. The feeling is unbelievable," said Shirley.

Wilkers' mother says he'll get some of the wires out of his mouth in a few weeks and he'll have another surgery.

The young officer is focused on his recovery so he can return to work.