Newly engaged? Start saving!

(Saving with 6abc - Amy Buckman)

March 11, 2013 4:49:08 AM PDT
An estimated six million couples got engaged on Valentine's Day. That mean's there's a lot of wedding planning going on and a lot of money about to be spent.

So, what do couples need to know to save for the big day? We got some advice from an expert.

Adam Levin, Founder of says of wedding costs, "I think the average right now is over $26,000 and I think it's actually much higher."

He adds, that while couples are quick to talk about Love and Romance, they really should be talking about money, especially when it comes to wedding expenses.

"The first step is that you have to make a budget," Levin syas. "If you don't make a budget and you fly blind, you put yourself at risk."

Next, Levin says couples should create a joint wedding savings account and start making deposits, adding, "Now if you're concerned that you may not be able to keep your little hands off the account, then maybe what you do is buy a CD."

Then, he advises looking at places where you can save by combining accounts, instead of your both paying separately. Add the savings to your wedding nest egg.

Levin says, "Because it's now sort of the efficiency of the community because there's two of you instead of one. So, cell phone accounts, are one area to look at (and) maybe commuting expenses."

But, Levin cautions, don't combine all your finances until after the Big Day.

He says, "If something goes wrong, if someone gets ill, if somebody passes away, it only complicates the situation if you've merged everything. So you need to keep things a little bit separate."

Finally, Levin says, even though it might be awkward, it's vital to check out your fiance's credit score -- because you don't want to marry for love and end up in debt.

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