Vet manager in Newtown stole or lost $355,000, police say

Trisha McLaughlin

February 21, 2013 12:52:15 PM PST
A former manager of a veterinarian's office in Bucks County is facing charges that she stole or lost more than $355,000 from the practice.

Trisha Lynn McLaughlin, 36, of East Street Road in Warminster, surrendered to police on Thursday morning. She is accused of misappropriating the money from Newtown Veterinary Hospital.

McLaughlin was fired in December, 2011, for the alleged theft of $3,000. However, police say, the total amount grew as the investigation continued.

Police say McLaughlin was the practice manager at NVH and was responsible for accounts payable, payroll and budget.

She allegedly used her position to write checks to herself, buy gift cards, pay for her car and pay for a gym membership.

In addition, police say, McLaughlin used accounts to wholesale clubs - intended to buy office supplies and other items for the veterinary office - for herself.

Investigators say she also inflated the pay rate for herself, her husband and other employees and failed to withhold deductions for medical and dental benefits for herself and her husband.

Along with the misappropriated funds, police say McLaughlin's mismanagement of a business daycare center caused losses totaling $85,000.

McLaughlin faces forgery, theft and other charges.

She was arraigned and released on $250,000 bail.