Bank robber on multi-state spree

February 22, 2013 4:15:32 PM PST
Right now the FBI and local police are working to nab a man accused of holding up 10 banks across the area, including one in Drexel Hill Thursday.

Police say the bank robbery suspect is having a very productive February. This month he's been giving the legendary Willie Sutton a run with 10 robberies and successful getaways since February 2nd.

He has been striking all over the Delaware Valley from Philadelphia to Montgomery County, to Delaware County and even in Wilmington, Delaware. The same methods are used each time: no weapons displayed; written notes passed to bank tellers.

The latest heist was Thursday at a branch in Drexel Hill. The robber narrowly escaped capture. He had to knock a 2-year-old child over as he ran out the door and hopped into a getaway car to speed away. He got about $1,000 cash.

"We just narrowly missed him," said Michael Chitwood, Upper Darby's police chief. "Probably within 30 seconds we would have had him."

The FBI is all over this case. The volume of bank robberies in less than a month has triggered an intense manhunt. They consider him armed and dangerous, even though no weapon has ever been displayed.

Law enforcement is certain he's from this region. He's used a different getaway car each time and investigators are convinced some kind of addiction will force him to strike again soon.

"It's like a cornered rat, you know," Chitwood told Action News. "Eventually he's going to get caught. When a cornered rat has to take agressive action to escape, somebody else could get hurt. So we got to get him off the street."

Police are looking for the public's help in trying to get the suspect off the street. You can call your local police or the FBI: (215) 418-4000