Car careens into creek in Falls Township; 1 dead

March 14, 2013 2:23:23 PM PDT
It was just before noon when police say a Hyundai sedan traveling south on Route 13 in Falls Township lost control, went airborne and violently crashed into a small waterway called Martin's Creek, killing the passenger.

"It hit the guardrail, flipped over the guardrail, went end-over-end about 5 or 6 times," said Falls Township Police Corporal Mark Bertone.

The back of the car came to rest in the muddy water of the creek.

Parts of the vehicle were strewn about. And the driver's door lay submerged after police and rescuers from the Falls Township Fire Department tore it off, trying to get to the two men inside the car.

"The creek is up to your knees, and the bank there is really muddy," said Bertone, "so it was a little difficult to get them out of there."

To get the victims up the hill and away from the scene, firefighters lined either side of a ladder and passed the stretchers up, hand-over-hand, to waiting ambulances.

"When you see how far the car came and how many times it flipped over, it's amazing anybody even made it out of it," said Bertone.

Both victims were taken to Capital Health Regional Medical Center in Trenton. Police won't release the names of the driver and the passenger who died.

Traffic on Route 13 was stopped for a time and then limited to one lane as accident investigators looked into the cause of the fatal crash.

Alcohol containers could be seen in the back seat of the mangled car.

"Alcohol may have been involved, we don't know," said Bertone.

The investigation is continuing.