Philadelphia students caught fighting on video

March 22, 2013 3:37:41 PM PDT
Investigators and school officials are looking into a number of online videos that appear to show fights involving Philadelphia high school students.

The students appear to be from Edison High School in Hunting Park.

Punches are thrown and the crowd of students gathered are egging the fighters on, capturing it all on camera.

There are at least six videos like it posted to Youtube since January.

School officials confirm one of the fights happened in the hallways and security can be seen breaking it up.

One video shows a violent fight between girls.

"You never know what could happen, you might be walking and they get you from the back," said a female student.

It's disturbing but not surprising to this freshman who wanted her identity hidden. She says she recognizes the students in all the videos.

"They think it's fun to see who gets beat up, they put it on Facebook," she said.

Neighbors like this man, who also didn't want his name used, have witnessed fights.

"There's a whole bunch of kids going at it and sparring," he said.

One mom says her son has suffered because of them.

"Twenty boys attempted to hit my child so I pulled him out of school," said Natalie Osasio.

These videos were posted between January and February of this year but it's not clear exactly when the fights took place.

"We've been really digging in deep to what's causing this," said Charlie Baltimore, Edison High School principal.

Baltimore says there have been 17 assaults so far this year. He says the key issue is conflict resolution and changing how the majority of students react.

Edison is one of the school district's targeted turnaround schools and they are implementing changes.

"If there's a conflict or some issue that needs to be resolved, they can go to an adult in this building that they trust to work through it," said Baltimore.

Officials say students can face punishments if the fights are on or off school property. They can get suspended or expelled.

Of the clips Action News found, the fights indoors have been handled. Officials are looking into the ones that happened outside.

The person taking the video faces suspension as well.