Driver hits parked cars in attempt to escape gunfire

WEST PHILADELPHIA - March 27, 2013

It happened along the 1400 block of Allison Street around 2:00 a.m.

Police say gunfire from an unknown shooter hit the pickup truck several times. Police think the driver hit reverse in an attempt to dodge the bullets, heading the wrong way down North Allison Street, damaging at least seven cars on each side of the block.

Detectives and officers were on the scene early Wednesday morning sorting through the damage looking for evidence. Detectives believe that driver of the pickup truck was the intended target.

The debris remains visible on the street hours after the destructive shooting and crash overnight.

Police say the gunman and the driver fled and still have not been identified.

They believe someone was injured in the truck, but don't know the extent of the injuries.

Neighbors in the 1400 block of Allison Street woke up to banged up and bashed in vehicles early Wednesday morning.

"I was in the kitchen, and I heard about 5 or 6 shots, a scream and damage being done," said Jay Lee.

The entire left side of Lee's Chevy Malibu is torn up.

"If the same damage were on the other side the car would be totaled," said Lee.

Others who escaped damage are still rattled by the jarring early morning wakeup call.

"I heard 5 shots; my wife heard 6," said John Whitaker.

"It just felt like a dream," said Toby Banks.

Police believe a pick -up truck drove backwards down the one-way street to try and dodge a barrage of gunfire.

"Me and my wife were asleep when we heard a series of bangs," said Banks.

Police believe the gunman opened fire from the street and hit a parked car.

Detectives found blood inside the pick-up.

Both the shooter and the driver fled the scene, leaving behind a mess of damage that has residents frustrated and some relieved.

"All this noise, it sounded like a whole bunch of shooting," said Shawn Grant. "I'm just glad it missed my car."

Detectives have interviewed the registered owner of the pick-up, but they are still trying to find the person who was behind the wheel.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Philadelphia Police.

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