Downingtown woman, 22, found dead on New York subway tracks

Emily Singleton (Photo from

April 10, 2013 7:34:51 AM PDT
The person found dead on subway tracks in New York City has been identified as a young woman from Downingtown, Pa.

Police say the body of 22-year-old Emily Singleton, a theater student living in Park Slope in Brooklyn, was found in a subway station in Manhattan.

Singleton's body was found in between the rails at the Canal Street No. 1 train stop on Sunday.

Sources told WABC-TV that Singleton left McKenna's Pub at around midnight Sunday and swiped her MetroCard at the No. 1 train station at West 14th and 7th Avenue at around 1:30 a.m.

Singleton got off the train at the Canal Street station, where police believe she accidentally fell onto the tracks and died.

She wasn't discovered until more than 12 hours later.

"Make sure if you go out with your friends you go home with your friends, they make sure you get home safe," said Brian McKenna of McKenna's Pub. "This girl evidently wandered off by herself and got in trouble."

It is believed that the reason it took so long for someone to notice her was because her body was covered in soot left on her by passing trains.

Family members say Singelton was an actress who came to New York hoping to make it big on Broadway.

Singleton attended Downingtown West High School. Matt McCloskey, her musical theater teacher for four years, said she was a standout whose picture is still on banners from the school's production of 'Beauty and the Beast.'

"She was passionate, she was intelligent, she was gifted, a very natural singer. She worked really well with the other kids," McCloskey said.

Singleton's father is a middle school teacher in the Downingtown Area School District.