Local running groups unite to honor Boston bombing victims

April 16, 2013 8:33:13 PM PDT
While there are still many questions about who caused these attacks and why, a couple of running groups wanted to stand united in response to threats of terror and to remember those affected by yesterday's horrific attack.


Some 60 members of the Fairmount Running Group took a few moments to honor those killed or injured in the Boston attacks before a vigorous run and workout on the Art Museum steps.

With flags flying at half-staff in memory of the Boston Marathon victims, they also wanted to remember the families of the victims.

They also applauded one of their own who survived the horror.

Carolyn Gray of Barnegat, New Jersey had crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon only 15 minutes before the first explosion.

"Very, very sad for the families and the people who were directly affected by really tragic events, but it reached much further than that," Gray said.

Deeply shaken by the events, Gray feels very lucky to have crossed the finish line when she did. Now she feels we should stand united and she urged her fellow runners not to be deterred by the terrorist act.

"I think the best thing to do in the face of this is to continue running and not to let someone's cowardly actions really prevent you from doing what is the best test of the human spirit," she said.

Another running group from the Core Fitness Center also came to stand in solidarity with those injured in the attack.

"As runners, that's kind of what you feel like, you want to run for those who can't today and we want to tell them how much that we appreciate what they're doing, they will never be forgotten," Cindy Brown of Core Fitness Center said.

Despite the attacks, everyone Action News spoke with say they are still planning to take part in the Broad Street Run next month.

As a matter of fact, through social media, a number of running groups across the city are planning vigil runs at 7:00 p.m. Thursday night in memory of the Boston Marathon victims.