Pay 6 Forward: Marylee and Lori

May 3, 2013 3:15:41 PM PDT
As you may remember, each Pay 6 Forward begins with a sign offering $600, a stranger, and Karen Rogers. We welcome this series back with a particularly powerful story of friendship and generosity.

Action News stood out in the parking lot with our sign and explained the rules for our Pay 6 Forward stories:
*You can't keep the money yourself
*You can't give it to a relative or someone you live with
*The money needs to go to a friend or a neighbor or someone from a church group who is going through a particularly hard time.
*That person has to be available RIGHT THEN for the surprise!

We talked to several people, before meeting Marylee Frome who nominated her friend Lori. Both friends have Multiple Sclerosis.

"She was the type to come to my house, drive herself and walk into my door in high heels," Frome told us.

Now her friend of 25 years is bed-ridden. So we took off to give Lori a boost! Marylee got the chance to tell her dear friend how much she means to her.

"Lori, you were the first person who told me about the MS support groups and you've been like a lifesaver to me."

Then came the surprise, Karen handed the $600 over to Marylee, who paid it forward to her friend Lori.

Lori was completely overwhelmed. She told us she's been behind in her bills and hopes now she can put up a coat rack, tithe to her church and give to her 4 beautiful grandkids.

On "pretzel day, just to be able to give them $6 to go get pretzels and bring one home to grand mom, Oma... just to see the looks on their faces."

While the Action News team was there, Lori whispered, asking how we knew she needed it so much. We all felt to glad we could help.

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