Blue Cross Broad Street Run preps underway

May 3, 2013 8:32:32 PM PDT
It's the Blue Cross Broad Street Run race weekend and thousands of people are coming from near and far to participate.

Some local businesses are counting on these packet pickup lines to move through their doors.

"It's a very good weekend for us. Very good," said Christian Varalli.

At Scannicchio's on South Broad, they are ready for Saturday's carbohydrate loving crowd.

"We order extra tomato sauce for the pasta, meat for the meatballs and make a lot of extra pasta to keep on hand," said Varalli.

Saturday they will not only be fixing plates but also trays of pastas for out of town guests to take back to their hotels.

The restaurant says the crowd will even find a way to get in on Sunday post race.

"There is no parking with people running but people manage to get here," said Michael Gibson.

A lot of the runners here this weekend will be thinking about what their fellow runners went through in Boston.

"I'll be thinking about the people in Boston. I bought the red socks I'll be wearing that for support for everyone there," said Jack Hueter.

"We're all gonna have our red socks on and we're going to be pumped up," said Tim Deven.

They say the race will be a show of support and a reminder of just how tight the running community really is.

"I'm so overwhelmed at the sense of community of Philadelphia," said Kate Lillicrapp.

"Just show people not to be afraid and keep doing it," said Vince Anastasi.

Meanwhile ahead of race day, SEPTA has announced a number of road closures and detours. For more information click here.